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Umbrella Insurance

Real Protection for Everyday Situations!

Alexandra Andreev Agency offers customized coverage so that you can get the perfect umbrella insurance policy that fits your needs and your budget! And of course a plan you understand.

A simple trip to the grocery store could result in a serious accident that leaves you responsible for major financial damages. Our umbrella insurance can protect you with affordable coverage that goes beyond the liability limits of your typical auto and home insurance policies.

For When Life’s Little Things Turn Into Big Things

Serious accidents typically happen when you least expect them, and can often arise during life’s little moments. Here are examples of everyday events where an umbrella policy would provide much needed protection:

  • A child is hurt while visiting your home

  • You injure a pedestrian on a crosswalk

  • A candle catches your condo on fire

With coverage plans from $1 million to $5 million, our umbrella insurance in Novi, Michigan provides extensive protection and is probably more affordable than you think! For instance, $1 million of umbrella insurance could cost less than $20 per month.

Our Commitment to You 

Our team is engaged, invested, and committed to your service. We have systems in place to communicate regularly, and we stay current with the changing umbrella insurance laws in Novi, Michigan. As the laws change, we will be ready to adapt your plan to the new situation.

Umbrella Insurance in Novi, MI
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